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We are always looking for the best professionals to help us solve the communication, content, legal and technical challenges of healthcare.

We are based in Porto, Portugal, a safe, beautiful, sunny and welcoming country.

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Open Positions

Senior Full-Stack SDE

Location: Tonic Head Quarters, Porto, Portugal

Who are we looking for?

You’ve been around. You’ve been working in the industry for 5+ years, and you’ve seen glorious success and bitter failure. You build stuff, and you build it well. And you are proud of that! You basically code in any language needed (except in Perl, but mostly for philosophical reasons!). You understand the value of being focused and of delivering really good stuff. You don’t like to cut too many corners but you also don’t waste time splitting hairs. You have no problem in getting your hands dirty: you go pull logs and write bash scripts to see why the server went down. You like to raise the bar: you go through other people’s code to help them improve their coding skills. You are good at doing Ops and Sys-Admin work, and you like to build and maintain good infra-structures. You obsess about security and data protection!

You don’t really like to spend too much time in meetings, but when you do get caught in one, you go straight to the point. You detect BS miles away and you try to always push for clarity and customer value. You don’t emphasize on fancy methodologies, but you obsess with doing the right thing and consistently delivering value, always!

You invest in yourself and keep learning about new technologies. You want to learn more about Data Science and Machine Learning. Also, you are passionate about mentoring more junior people and seeing them grow.

You are dependable. You commit to goals and deliverables. You are self-confident. You are a team player. You want to do really good work!

If you think you are this person, send an e-mail to:

Junior Full-Stack SDE

Location: Tonic Head Quarters, Porto, Portugal

Who are we looking for?

Maybe you are fresh out of school, maybe you’ve been working for a software company for just a few months, but one thing is certain: you were born to build stuff! Nothing about computer science and software scares you off. You know your algos. You know your data structures. And while you may have never set up a Solr search index, or built an android app, or spinned-off a GPU fleet to train deep learning models, or wrote an A/B testing platform, you are super excited to learn all about these things while actually building them! At the same time, you understand the importance of consistently delivering results, and you understand the importance of focusing your energies in achieving one goal at a time.

You want to build a varied portfolio of projects to enrich your engineering profile. You know that not all tasks are glorious, but you know that you will learn a lot while working in startup. You don’t give up easily: you endure. You see challenging tasks as a opportunity to grow and become a better engineer. You are not afraid to ask questions, you are not afraid of sharing your opinions.

You have a lot of attention to details. You understand the difference between hacking and being sloppy. You don’t leave loose ends. You understand that if you are not careful while coding, technical debt will hit you in the face sooner or later. But you also understand that delivering a good enough project is infinitely better than happily contemplating a perfect idea that never comes to fruition.

You are proud of your code but you know that there is a lot for you to learn. You listen to the opinions of more senior engineers and you leverage their experience to do what is best for the team. You want to be a better person every day.

If you think you are this person, send an e-mail to:

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