Safe clinical communication across healthcare institutions. No barriers.

With Tonic App medical collaboration is easier than ever.

Created for doctors by doctors

You don’t have time to waste, and collaboration is key in medical practice. Healthcare professionals face strong communication challenges in a world becoming rapidly digital.



Collaborate with colleagues safely and easily, sending and receiving messages with end-to-end encryption. You can edit and attach images.

Urgent Messages

Urgent Messages

Tonic App is the perfect mobile tool to discuss elective or urgent clinical cases, or other care topics. You can even coordinate teams for urgent procedures.


Keep your discussions organized.

Create your own private groups of trusted colleagues or access clinical groups that the hospital where you work organized for you.


Tonic App is a true professional tool. Access relevant medical content in a single app, aggregated by our team of experts for you.



Read all the healthcare and scientific news you need to think, learn and be ahead on medical profession.



Tonic App also provides access to guidelines, calculators, legislation and search engines of scientific articles and medicines.

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