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We are always looking for the best professionals to help us solve the communication, content, legal and technical challenges of healthcare.

We are based in Porto, Portugal, a safe, beautiful, sunny and welcoming country.

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Junior Mobile Developer

Location: Tonic Headquarters, Porto, Portugal

Who are we looking for?

You are just starting, but you will get very far! You don’t want just “a job”: You want to be a builder. You want to develop software that has impact on the lives of real people. And you know that in the complex world we live in, mobile rules.

You have been experimenting with mobile technologies for some time, as a student, professionally, or both. You have developed native iOS and Android Apps that you are proud of. You are also comfortable with basic scripting languages (e.g. Python), so you can easily analyse logs and parse data sources to feed your App. You are also not afraid of performing sys-admin tasks.

All these skills have allowed you to be self-sufficient when learning, experimenting and developing projects. But now you want to go to the next level: you want to be part of a team that is ready to take the world. You want to join your super-powers with those of other skilled players and build something truly amazing. And you know that a pixel is not just “a pixel”: it’s the difference between “It’s ok…” and “It’s GREAT!”.

Come and grow with us and experiment living the life of an amazing startup, working to improve patient care.

If this is you and you want to help building an App that is revolutionising digital health, then we have a sit for you here at Tonic App (and a racing helmet because we fly fast).

Send your CV to:

Head of Mobile

Location: Tonic Headquarters, Porto, Portugal

Who are we looking for?

You are a master. You code for iOS as naturally as you breathe and you could code for Android while you sleep. You understand UI and UX and you build interfaces that work as if they could read the mind of the user. You enjoy building all flavours of mobile experience. You understand the capabilities and subtleties of each OS, device and form of use.

You have been developing mobile projects for 5+ years and you are looking for a more meaningful challenge. You have hands-on experience on all platforms. You have a portfolio of several mobile apps — published in the App Store and Google Play — and you are proud of each of them. You are now ready for a new challenge and to learn about healthcare, knowing the impact you will have on the lives of real people.

You are a Rock Star but you are not a Prima Dona. You take feedback from peers constructively. You try to understand their concerns and you also try to help them understand your reasons. You want to join a multidisciplinary A-level team that is breaking ground in the field of digital health. You want to contribute by bringing your amazing skills, but also your commitment to learn about the ecosystem, the business models, the legals, and the role of technology in healthcare.

You take decisions based on data and experience and not on canned recipes from famous gurus. You know that you need to listen directly from your users. You know that you need to understand the whole environment for building the best solution.

You are a natural leader. You are ready for starting your own team and happy to develop junior members. You think in the short, mid and long term. You build processes to ensure you keep improving the quality of the team’s work. You know all about how to test mobile projects and you actively help the team in designing and building the analytic tools that you need to improve the product.

You are a respected member of the Dev. Community and you are engaged in meetups related with Mobile Development and UX and UI.

If this is you and if you want to be part of a startup environment, where we all can experiment and learn, within a community of ferocious entrepreneurs at Founders Founders, Tonic App is the right home for you!

Send your CV and portfolio to:

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